When selecting a board meeting software be sure to choose a vendor that offers a trial or demo account. You will be able to see how easy the software is to use and what it has to offer. You should also ask about the customer service and how quickly they will respond to your questions or concerns.

Board management tools can cut down the time required to prepare for meetings by automating tasks such as determining the most appropriate time to meet, obtaining RSVPs and scheduling meetings. They also facilitate sharing and collaborate on documents by placing them in a central area. Board meeting software can reduce the cost of travel because it allows your members to attend meetings remotely.

Board members need to be able to access their meeting materials and notes instantly regardless of whether they’re at the office or on the road. Look for a portal with mobile support, so that directors are able to access their meeting materials from anywhere and at any time. Accessing meeting materials on their mobile or tablet enables them to be connected with the board even if they are not in their office or different location.

The best boards portals come with increased security features to keep sensitive information safe. SOC-II certified portals for board members will ensure that confidential documents are stored in the virtual boardroom, and not exposed to frivolous lawsuits or fishing trips. The board should also be able to allow confidential voting on sensitive matters to ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard.


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