A remote board meeting is held via video conference calls where board members don’t physically meet in the same room. It was a progressively popular method to conduct business during the coronavirus outbreak and will continue to be used post-pandemic.

Utilizing the appropriate tools is essential to a productive and efficient remote board meeting. Board members boardmeetingweb.net/what-is-the-main-focus-of-corporate-governance/ should be able to access all materials prior to the meeting. This will save you time and avoid confusion during the meeting. It is also helpful to record the meeting, especially when there is a lot of discussion or if it’s an extremely long meeting.

Encourage board members to be mindful of their surroundings while logging in to the meeting. Distractions such as a barking dog, loud street noise or even the slight noise of a TV in another room can distract and make it hard to concentrate during the meeting. In the ideal situation, board members should be able to sign in from a quiet place with a locked door.

It’s crucial to make a note of every board member’s attendance at the beginning of the meeting. This not only ensures everyone is present, but also sets the tone for the meeting and demonstrates that it’s a crucial issue. After each item on the agenda, it’s useful to ask for feedback. This improves engagement and encourages participation even from members who are located far away. The board can make decisions based on the feedback received after the meeting if it so wishes.

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