Email is one of the most commonly used methods for hackers to gain access to your company’s data However, your typical email provider will not do much to shield you from the snooping. You should think about an email service that is secure and provides complete encryption. This will prevent anyone else from reading your emails.

Your email provider is kept out of the loop with this type of encryption. However there are many different secure email providers are identical. It’s crucial to choose one that has the best security policies and standards as well as essential features.

To find the best secure email service for you be sure to consider its privacy policies and how it deals with your data. You’ll also want to know if it will store your information, If so, where it is stored and for how long.

For example, if your chosen provider is based in the United States or other countries that are members of 14 Eyes surveillance partnerships, you’ll need to ensure it has the option to erase your private keys from its servers and save them locally on your computer. This will give you an extra layer of protection in the event that your provider is seized by a government.

Proton Mail is a popular option for security in email due to its strict privacy practices and robust encryption technologies. It’s an Open Source platform that is backed by privacy-friendly Swiss laws. It’s a great option for journalists, activists and anyone who is looking for an excellent, free email service. In the same way, Tutanota is another reliable choice that provides top-quality encryption standards as well as a user-friendly user interface.

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