A board meeting is an important occasion to discuss important company issues with a diversified group of experts. They offer a variety of perspectives which are essential in deciding on strategies that are large-scale or defining how teams are going to be working towards implementing these strategies.

The effectiveness of a conference is dependent on the manner the leader keeps discussions on topic and guides them in the right direction. Whatever how stimulating or comprehensive the agenda, when discussions drift off topic and run over-time, meetings aren’t effective. Additionally, if important documents aren’t handed out to attendees prior to the meeting, it can be difficult for participants to prepare and participate.

To maximize the effectiveness of board meetings, start with a 10 minute recap at the beginning of every meeting. The recap highlights key points from prior calls prior to the meeting and the board package. This will help clear the mind of board members and keep their attention on the topic on the table.

Being distracted by discussions that are new can take the time of meetings and divert board members from the most important agenda items. Mitigate this by including the «parking lot» item on the agenda for discussion topics that may warrant some further study, but aren’t prioritised.

After the agenda has been decided it’s crucial to hear reports from the executive director, as well as any committee or standing reports. It’s also good to have someone read financial reports however only if they need further discussion. The chair should then open the floor for voting on each item after the discussion has concluded. Before a vote is called, a motion must be «seconded».

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