We’ve all been through them The meetings where you feel like you’re not getting anywhere and everyone is waiting for the meeting to end so that they can return to their jobs. COVID-19 has resulted in more teams working remotely, which makes it even more important for online meetings to be effective. No matter if you’re the leader or just a participant, there are a few simple adjustments you can make to ensure you make the most of your online meetings.

Make an agenda and then pin it to the meeting channel. This will let participants know what to expect and make it less likely that they will lose their focus or place during the meeting. An outline of the purpose of the meeting helps people go to the meeting with thoughts and questions prepared, which is particularly important in virtual meetings, where it is often difficult to interpret non-verbal cues.

Be clear and deliberate. Video conferencing is sometimes interrupted and being too descriptive can be helpful. If needed, share your screen to illustrate your point. This saves time and generates more understanding of your topic for your whole team.

Encourage your team to keep notes in writing. Handwriting is more effective than typing it in aiding people to remember and comprehend information later.

Start promptly. Meetings are often crowded by people who are checking their email or on social media. Being on time for the meeting also reduces the amount of frustration that builds as participants wait for other participants to join the meeting.


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